Thailand! Impossible not to fall in love with!

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Thailand, we love you. When hearing the name, you think about the tuktuks, golden temples, and the delicious cuisine. Forget about all existing clichés. Thailand has so many more things to offer than you can think of at first sight.

Let us convince you that this marvelous country should be on your bucketlist. To visit it at least one time in your life.

Pagodas, temples and stupas.


Thailand is famous for the splendid pagodas. Thai lovers have named the country as “the Golden Pagoda Land”. Being deeply influenced by Buddhism (Thailand is the second biggest Buddhist country in the world), the Thai culture and the architecture of the temples differ a lot from the others in the world.

Delicious food and a trendy cultural life.


Thai food is fantastic and there are many opportunities to learn more about the culinary traditions, cooking classes are very popular. Culturally and socially speaking, Thailand is very trendy. Rooftop bars are very common.

Meeting the friendly locals


Thailand is “the land of the smiles”. The main reason is because most of the Thai locals don’t speak or understand English, as a compensation they answer you with a smile.

But in fact, they are extremely friendly. They will do everything to make your stay in their country as good and comfortable as possible.

Unspoilt places…they still exist

Many people think Thailand is a squeezed travel destination, with crowded busloads of tourists. There are however many undiscovered places to see and visit.  Less than 10% of all travelers go to the northeastern region of Isaan, just to give an example. A wonderful area, though if you love nature.

Trekking and meeting colourful tribes

The friendly tribes are found in the Northern region of Thailand. Back to basic! Here you see and meet the locals living their peaceful and quiet life. Chickens and pigs running in the dusty little roads, families taking their bath in the river, houses on stilts, …. Experiences you will not forget.

Good organized public transport

Thailand is a country you can visit all corners or regions by a reliable public transport. Easy to move yourself in the cities using the cabs or tuktuks, between cities you go by local buses or trains, for bigger distances you easily can fly from A to Z.

Thailand is cheap

Food, transport, accommodations, entrance fees…. It is cheap.  When staying in a similar hotel in Europe or US, you’ll easily pay three to four times more.

The beaches and underwater world

You find whatever you wish: from the Bounty beaches to the party islands, from the islands where you see not a single other tourist, to the busy coastal areas.

Guaranteed you find everywhere the palms, the white beaches and the blue water.
Snorkeling paradise is in the South: Thailand is one of the cheapest countries in the world where you can get your PADI diving license.

Accommodation and lodging ….. fabulous!

From the more luxurious hotels in city centres, to the adventurous but comfortable homestays in the North, or the relaxing bungalows on the Southern beaches…, it is always a feast.

Welcome to Thailand !

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