Sumatra is the sixth biggest island in the world. The area of the island sprawls over 473,481 square kilometers and is shared by Indonesia and few other countries. This island is bordered by the Indian Ocean on the west, northwest, and southwest coasts. The remaining northeastern part of the island falls in the Strait of Malacca. This strait separates the island from the Peninsula of Malay. The southeastern part of Sumatra Island is separated from Java by Sunda Strait.

The island is the perfect amalgamation of broad coastal regions and volcanic mountains.

 The Bukit Barisan mountain ranges contain a few active volcanoes. These mountains form the backbone of the island. The majority of the northeastern part of the islands contains stretched plains, swamps, and lowlands. The climatic condition is tropical, as the Equator passes through the place. Due to the tropical climate, lush rainforests and mangrove forests are found in abundance. Sumatra also has a complex river network. The island is full of diverse flora and fauna. Although the population has consumed nearly 50% of its resources, the tourists still find exotic plants and animals in the famous places in Sumatra.


Here is the list of famous places in Sumatra:


Medan: Is the capital of North Sumatra province with a diverse crowd population of tribes and religions in unity. There are many historical tourist objects to spot and various great cuisine to taste in Medan.


Lake Toba: Is the largest volcanic lake in the world This attraction site is the perfect combination of hills and a serene lake formed on the crater of an extinct volcano. Your vacation to Sumatra will never be complete if you don’t stop by and witness the splendour and beauty of the Lake Toba tours. This lake has a length of 100 kilometres with a width of 30 kilometres, stretching just above Bukit Barisan. Located at an altitude of 900 meters above sea levels and surrounded by unspoiled forest makes the air on Lake Toba still fresh and cool. Lake Toba with a depth of about 450 meters is the widest and deepest lake in the world. Lake Toba has allegedly formed as a result of the devastating eruption of Mount Toba 74 thousand years ago. Right in the middle of the lake, you can see the most famous island in North Sumatra, Samosir Island.


Bukit Lawang: Located on the south side of Gunung Leuser National Park, Bukit Lawang is a small village which is the main entrance to enter the forest that is so popular in Sumatra. The protected stretches of rainforest that homes a diverse flora and fauna act as the centre of attraction for tourists from across the globe. You will find orangutans living in peace with humans. It is also a favourite site for trekkers and hikers.

Nias Island is an island off the western coast of Sumatra. Nias is an internationally popular surfing destination where many international surfing competitions are held. The best known surfing area is Sorake Bay, close to the town of Teluk Dalam, on the southern tip. This is enclosed by the beaches of Lagundri and Sorake.


Tangkahan well-known as the hidden paradise of Gunung Leuser National Park, is an Eco Tourism area in the Langkat district of North Sumatra. The peaceful jungle retreat is located along the Kualsa Buluh River next to the dense rainforest, just 2.5 hours far from Bukit Lawang driving on a bumpy road through Palm oil plantations and rural villages.


Gunung Sibayak: This dormant volcano is easy to climb and hence a preferred destination for hikers and trekkers. The eruption of smoke and hot springs enthral visitors in large numbers.


Samosir Island: Is a volcanic island in middle of Lake Toba, It is a popular tourist destination due to its exotic Batak history and the vistas it offers.


Weh island: Situated at the entranceway of the Malacca Strait, Weh Island is naturally untouched despite its small size and convenient access. It is another garden often forgotten. Diving in Weh Island is a well-established recreational activity. You’ll find many delightful sea creatures, most notably manta rays, whale sharks, dolphins, and sea turtles. Just one hour flight from Medan to Banda Aceh then about 45 hours by ferry, you’ll reach this paradise island.

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