Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia, sharing the land border with Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar with an extensive coastline bordered by the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman sea. With friendliest people, food-paradise, cultural diversity, Thailand tempts tourists with its hidden gems from flittering golden temples, untouched beaches to tropical lush greenery in national parks.

Northern Thailand provides travelers with a wide range of adventurous trekking routes passing tropical forests with elephants. A day lost in the old town of Chiang Mai – Chiang Rai will let you discover incredible temples such as the White Temple and Blue Temple. Unlike peaceful Chiang Mai, Bangkok- the capital of Thailand is a vibrant city with hustle and bustle streets, fashion corners, and commercial centers. For beach-lovers, let’s travel down to the southern part of Thailand with beautiful Phuket, Koh Yao Yai, and Noi, where you can find white sand beaches and nodding palm trees.

Blessed with plenty of natural landscape, Thailand is an attractive destination for all global tourists.




Featuring tropical climate, Thailand has three distinct seasons including a hot season running from March to May, a rainy season generally from June to October as a result of southwest monsoon and a dry cool season during months November – February as an effect from the northeast monsoon.

Due to the length of the country, the weather in the continent is different from that in coastal areas. In the rainy season, it is not recommended for tourists to visit areas bordered with the Andaman sea, for example, Phuket or Phang Nga. Traveling to Koh Samui or other sites facing the Gulf of Thailand in November should be avoided. In general, the best time to visit Thailand is the dry cool season when the weather is more comfortable in the continental areas.



The diversity of Thai culture is shown in all aspects of life from religion, people, traditions, and languages. Theravada Buddhism is the main religion in Thailand with approximately nearly 95% of the population following it while the other minority religions or Islam and Christian with around 4% and 1% respectively. Consequently, it is not surprising when tourists can find many glittering temples across the country with typical architectures. Visiting Thailand, it is interesting for you to try Thai traditional greeting style with the wai – a gesture consisting of a slight bow with palms pressed together in the manner of prayers - that is different from the western style. After greeting, let’s explore other cultural treasures in their daily life on your own! Go Southeast Asia will accompany with you!


Though getting a heavy influence from the neighboring countries of Laos, Cambodia, and Burma, together with Chinese and Vietnamese cooking traditions, Thai cuisine still totally touches the food-passion of travelers all over the world. The combination of spicy, salty, sweet, and sour flavors has created the best traditional dishes with variations in different regions.

When mentioning Thailand, almost all people will immediately think about Tom Yum – a bowl of spicy Thai soup with shrimp and Pad Thai- a stirred-fried rice noodle dish, not to mention a variety of exotic tropical fruits at a surprisingly reasonable rate.

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