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Conserving the history from the ancient B.C civilization to the World Wars time of the 6 beautiful countries in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Lao, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and Malaysia, Indochina is always the top-trend destinations in Asia.


The word of Indochina took the root from the French “Indochine” (actually Indo – Chine or Indo - China) which appeared in XIX to represent for a large colonial area of France in the south of China and the east of India, included: Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. To be more specific, from the end of 19th Century to the middle of 20th Century, the Indochina or officially known at that time “Indochinese Union”.

Until the early of 20th Century, Saigon (at present: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) – the Eastern Pearl, was the Capital of Indochina. After that, Hanoi (Vietnam) was the Capital instead until the collapse of Indochinese Federation in 1945, after the failure of French Army in the Indochina War.

The Indochina at that time now called French Indochina to differentiate with the Indochina at present which covers the larger areas included not only the 03 above countries but also Thailand, Myanmar and Malaysia due to the identical in culture, tradition and geographical position of these countries.


Prolonged through the wide land of Asia, Indochina owns the most diverse culture in the world with hundreds ethnicity and religions. At the beginning of civilization here, Hinduism and Natural Gods represented for the ancient beliefs of people here and played the important role of forming the typical culture throughout the land and ethnic groups.

However, with the raising of Buddhism from 6 B.C and its differentiation, the culture in Indochina was affected strongly and clearly. At present, Buddhism became the most popular religion in this land and still keep it important position in the spiritual life of people here, help to create and maintain social ethical standards, and in some country, it also affects the creation of laws.


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