From: Achintya Pal

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Sent: Feb 3, 2023 at 11:19 PM Pal Achintya

Dear Diu,

It has been a wonderful experience for all of us in the last ten days. First of all, punctuality and cordiality of the driver and the guide at each of the locations was indeed remarkable – like our earlier experience in Myanmar. Apart from the usual city locations, your addition of exotic places (may be on suggestion of our Captain Jayati Sengupta) like Hoi An and visit to the near-primitive life of Mekong Delta inhabitants was very enjoyable. And of course, the sheer joy of visiting different temples of Angkor and the Ha Long bay left us extremely satisfied. The guide at Angkor was quite knowledgeable and his plan and sequence of visiting temples in a limited time-frame matched with our wish list.
Finally, meeting you at Hanoi was indeed a very pleasant experience. Of course we missed our captain, who has been planning things in collaboration with you all along. We will look forward to possible future trips with you and definitely recommend you to our friends. With best wishes,
Achintya Pal (on behalf of all in our group)
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