From: Rod Paahana

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From: Rod Paahana
Sent: 23 Tháng Sáu 2015 6:13 SA

Aloha Diu,

I am back home. I loved the trip. you did a good job. All the 4 guides were great. The hotels were wonderful, except the Pleasant view in Yangon. The people there were very nice. They were helpful, but the room was not very good. The bed and the pillows were hard and not an enjoyable sleep. The room needs upgrading. Paint peeling and the doors were in bad condition.

That was the only negative to the whole trip. The air-conditioned cars were very good. I will say again your guides are very good and courteous. They know their information. I really like the Amata

Hotel at Inle lake. I will recommend you to my friends. I may go back next year. The people there are wonderful. I had plans to go to South America in 2016. I may change and go back to

Myanmar. I have to decide in the next few months.

My friends are asking me about my trip and I will refer them to you. Thank you again. When I told me guide, Thien, that I did not like the hotel in Yangon, he suggested that I contact you to change for the last 3 nights.

Since I was travelling and happy with the other hotels, I did not get back to you. My fault. I would have changed that hotel for another. It is done. I really enjoyed Bagan, and the Thande hotel was great

And with a great location. The staff of all the hotels were great and very courteous and helpful.

Thank you again,


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