Why chosing Laos as your dream travel destination? Green, Greener, Greenest!

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Laos: the “little brother” of the popular travel destinations Vietnam and Thailand! A country in Southeast Asia you will not go to if you want to see as much as possible in a very short and limited period. On the contrarary, you will go to this awesome country if you like travelling off the beaten tracks and if have time enough to do this. Why is Laos such an amazing “unknown” destination?



Getting to Laos

Most of the travelers put Laos on their itinerary while they are visiting one of its neighbouring countries: Thailand, Vietnam or Cambodia. You can easily reach North Laos via Chiang Mai in North Thailand (slow boat on the Mekong River). Coming from Vietnam, a well known route is via the border town Dien Bien Phu. From here, you already enter in one of Laos’ most desolate and most beautiful rural countryside and green areas. You immediately have the feeling to be in nobody’s land and you can start your relaxing nature adventure, full of scenic landscape and scenery.



The mighty Mekong

The Mekong River is very important for Laos. It crossed the whole country and contains most of the country’s traffic. Seen the poor general conditions of the roads, most of the transport of goods and people happens along this river. Thus, it is economically important, but also touristically. A true exceptional experience is taking a Slow Boat along the Mekong. As the name suggests, you have to be patient, but it is so much worth doing it. 



A country without many touristic highlights, but with an unseen awesome nature

Laos is a country without enormous spectacular temples and tropical beaches. It has no sea, so no coastal areas.

Furthermore, Laos is a little bit tougher to travel through, due to its less developed infrastructure and the lack of a big international airport. Therefore, it makes this country not suitable for mass tourism, and that’s what makes this country so special and exceptional for every adventurous traveler. If you are searching for endless jungles, green countryside, friendly and shy local people, trekking opportunities in a breathtaking silent scenery, boating along rivers, or maybe ziplining from tree to tree, ….. then Laos will fulfill all your needs and expectations. Welcome to everybody who needs adventure and rest.


Enough undiscovered areas to discover

Till as far as 1990, the borders of Laos were still closed to tourists! This makes this country a relatively new destination.

Briefly, Laos has three areas mostly every traveler will visit: Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng and Vientiane. You may not skip these places when traveling here (surely not Luang Prabang), but apart from that, there still is so much unexplored territory. Let local experts guide you and show you where to go and what to do! They will guarantee and present you the ultimate off the beaten track experience of your life!


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